Lively Give Back Program

“Every person is defined by the communities she belongs to.”
― Orson Scott Card 

Alexas-Fotos. ‘Motivation.’ Pixabay.com. Copyright-Free.

The coronavirus pandemic has swept across the globe in a silent wave bringing pain, isolation, and loss. If there is one lesson humans as a species can take from this tragedy is that our communities are as important to our well-being as our homes.

The Lively Company appreciates every community’s importance, but strives to act locally when it comes to charitable giving, volunteer hours, and investing in community members who have fewer resources available to them.

The Lively Company cares about people which is evident in our certified-organic products and the coaching services we offer. Our products and services center around helping others find their Aliveness because happy people are more infectious than any terrible virus! 

The Lively Give Back Program is our way of helping the Austin community. For every product or service, we sell we will donate to any of these charities:

  • Safe Alliance
  • Mobile Loaves & Fishes
  • Central Texas Food Bank
  • Caritas of Austin 
  • Austin Pets Live
  • Austin Partners in Education
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Make-A-Wish
  • Meals on Wheels 
  • Brown Girls do Ballet
  • No Kid Hungry

Sharing Makes Us Stronger

The team at the Lively Company genuinely care about the health and happiness of every community, both locally right here in Austin, Texas and throughout the world. 

People come first before profits or scaling a business. Healthy communities are more prosperous, tend to be safer, and help businesses innovate and grow while providing the next generation a future they can look forward to.

Hope & Achievable Goals 

As technology refines modern life developing communities should have access to clean water, sanitation, public education, healthcare, and food! 

These goals are all achievable by working together and do what we can to help those around us. Hope is the essential element to a happy life – not just our friends or family either. We depend on those who serve us from our morning latte to the hardworking people who stock the grocery shelves.                                                   Smith, Ron. ‘Hope.’ Unsplash.com. Copyright-Free.

The Lively Company Commitment

It is clear our ever-changing world needs a glow-up. The Lively Company strives to be the change we want to see in the world. We want to see our company grow and become even more prosperous, but we want to accomplish this while the community experiences the same good fortune.

We believe people come first! The tides are changing for businesses around the globe as consumers wizen up and stop spending their hard-earned money on businesses that exploit workers, produce unsustainable products, or source goods from less than honest providers. 

We promise to remain committed to helping our community through charitable giving, volunteering, and conducting our business in ethical and forward-thinking ways. 

We urge you to explore volunteering in your local community. Organizations like Habitat for Humanity need help building houses for families who are investing their time and energy into making better lives for themselves. Austin Pets Alive need responsible foster carers for at-risk cats and dogs who need a place to crash while they find their forever homes. 

However, you choose to help the community know that your energy and thoughtfulness are truly making the world a better place. We can advise you on how to start volunteering and aid in helping you make strides toward finding your passion, and your own Aliveness! 

What are you waiting for? Let’s get those feel-good chemicals (oxytocin) flowing today! 


Traveling Within the United States During the Pandemic

It is a worrying time to be travelling right now. There is differing advice on how much you should travel and how far you should go, depending on the country you live and even the state you live in. As the world slowly, and carefully, returns to normal, many countries are beginning to relax their border controls. It is becoming more and more safe to travel to different countries and to start planning vacations again. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still recommends that you avoid all nonessential international travel but perhaps you need to travel inner state to visit family or for businesses. Either way, with the ‘stay at home orders’ being lifted and restrictions easing, you need to know which states have restrictions on travel right now before you make your journey. 

States with the highest record of infections

It is important to know which states have the largest spread before travelling. There are also some states that have different restrictions depending on whether you are coming from a state with a low or high number of cases. The 5 states with the largest number of infections are New York, California, New Jersey, Illinois and Texas.

States where it is mandatory to self-quarantine for 14 days

Kansas. Travellers must self-quarantine when travelling from any states with widespread infection rates (see above).

Florida. Travellers must self-quarantine when travelling from the New York Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut).

New Hampshire. 

New Mexico. Some essential workers such as health care workers and airline employees must self-quarantine when coming in from another state. Keep an eye out on www.newmexico.org for changing information.

North Dakota

Rhode Island 

Massachusetts. All must self-quarantine except essential workers. 

States which advise that you self-quarantine 14 days




Nebraska. Travellers are advised to self-quarantine when coming in from states which have a high number of infections (see above).




Vermont. Travellers are advised to self-quarantine except for those travelling from states with the number of covid-19 cases similar to their own.



States with special restrictions

Alaska. Anyone coming from out of state must complete a travel declaration form. They must also be tested 3-5 days before travel and can only enter if they test negative.

Hawaii. All travellers and crew will need to fill out a travel and health form before boarding.

Maine.  Travellers are required to fill out a certificate of compliance at hotels and other lodging establishments.

Utah. All travellers entering are required to complete a travel declaration form.

States with no Travel Restrictions

















New Jersey.

New York.

North Carolina.



South Carolina.

South Dakota.




West Virginia.


We at Lively Company want you to be safe but we also want you to be informed. Because of the ever-changing situation, be sure to check on your own states restrictions as well as any in your destination state, in plenty of time before your journey. 

Stay Safe, Stay Informed.


Reality Check: Is Virtual Travel the New Normal?

Depending on your location, you’re likely beginning to notice shelter in place restrictions being lifted and businesses cautiously reopening their doors to the public. One of the hardest hit industries is travel and tourism. There are still several ongoing international travel bans applying to those trying to enter the US, and many will only be able to fly into predetermined points of entry. Airlines are feeling the squeeze and will likely operate at a limited capacity for the rest of 2020, or until it’s deemed safer to allow for additional flight bookings while maintaining social distance.

We know adventurers like you are itching to get back out there and do what you do best: checking coveted destinations off your list. For some, it may require halting or rescheduling upcoming travel plans due to the ongoing pandemic, which can be disheartening for travel enthusiasts. But fear not, there are some alternatives that allow you to explore distant lands from the comfort of your own couch.

The concept of virtual travel has been around for years, but it has increased in popularity since the beginning of 2020, likely due to tourists who had to forego their travel plans for the foreseeable future. Travel destinations can be made into an immersive experience by means of a virtual reality headset, but there are some caveats involved in this method of travel. The headset can be heavy and uncomfortable for a prolonged period of wear, or cause dizziness and nausea in some.

Virtual Reality (VR) researchers are working to create special body suits that can mimic at least some of the sensations you’d get from an in-person travel experience, but the technology falls a bit short and doesn’t currently allow for the immersive smell and taste sensations like you’d get in person. If it were us, we’d miss the droolworthy food experiences that usually go along with traveling to a new destination. Also, VR doesn’t always allow users to personalize their own itineraries or go off the beaten path. One option that may allow for a longer, more tourist-like experience is to take a virtual walking tour (many are free on YouTube) that allows for a longer, more realistic experience so you can get your travel fix without any extra equipment.

On the upside, virtual travel does allow for a more eco-friendly experience and gives access to new and exciting destinations for those who may not physically be able to hop on a plane. One additional positive to checking out your desired destination through videos or VR experiences is that you get to ‘try before you buy.’ For extended walking tours, you can also take note of additional places you see along the way and add them to your itinerary for when you’re able to make the in-person trip in the future. Think of it as pre-planning, and you’ll be ahead of the game!

Lively Co. Travel is now booking cruise vacations for 2021, and we’d love to help you plan your next great adventure! Give us a call or shoot us an email for more details.


An Introduction to Lively Co. Travel

A little about who we are and how we can help you!

Can you believe it’s already December? With the holidays just around the corner, most of us tend to look like we’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Rest assured, if holiday travels are part of your stress, Lively Co. has got you covered! 

Oh, wait, I forgot to introduce us! We are Lively Co., a full-service travel agency. Formed in 1983 as a family-owned company called American Travel & Tours, we have since rebranded and changed management. Based out of Austin, Texas and at the head of it all, is CEO Taylor Harrell-Goodwin. 

With a decade of hospitality service under her belt, Taylor offers years of expertise and quality attention. With awards in Hospitality Management, a seat on the AHLA for Women in Lodging and board member in SGMP Capital Chapter. 

Next to her, is a team of dedicated people that are determined to provide you with the best service in the industry. Basically, we want you to relax and give away all of your stress, worries, and questions to us. We kinda know what we’re doing, and we’re happy to do it for you!

Think of us as your travel concierge, delivering you excellent round-the-clock service, awesome deals, and experiences you have been dreaming of! We have excellent relationships with Norwegian cruises, Disney, Carnival and Delta Vacations, just to name a few. 

Whether your preferred vacation is relaxing on the beach, having a blast at Disney, networking at corporate events, snow skiing in the mountains, or traveling the high-seas, we’ll get you set up on your trip promptly. Just send us some simple info, like your budget and your destination and we will completely personalize your experience. Voila- you’re on your way!

We do everything for you, from start to end. We’ll book your flight and hotel, your rental car, tour guides, family activities and more. 

Got questions about the hoppin’ spots in Europe? Want to know how you can get a super deal on hotels in Hawaii? These are things that we have expertise on. You don’t even need to lift a finger or Google a single phrase. 

Are you planning on traveling for the holidays? With Christmas around the corner, we know that traveling can be a hassle to plan. Give us the pleasure of helping you out so you can eat turkey and take stress-free tryptophan naps!

So, we wanna know, where are you planning to go for the holidays? Comment below!

Creating Your Freedom Lifestyle – How to Design a Life & Career That Truly Brings You Alive

People ask me all the time, “How did you create a life where you can work from anywhere, and travel several months out of the year?” 

“How did you build two 6-figure businesses by the time you were 30?”

If any of that sounds exciting to you, then keep reading! 

I wrote this article to share my story, and to inspire you to create your own extraordinary life – of freedom, success AND fulfillment – whatever that means to you. 

An Unusual Childhood

I was lucky to be born into a family that traveled the world. My parents were entrepreneurs and trailblazers in what you might call the “freedom lifestyle” movement. 

My mom has been a coach and trainer for 35 years. She was certifying life coaches and leading personal development, business & leadership seminars back in the late 80s and 90s – long before most people knew what a coach even was. 

Back then, no one was talking about following your passion or what lights you up. Even fewer people were living that way. But this was the core of my mom’s work: creating a life and career that truly brings you ALIVE. And boy, did she walk her talk!

She wanted to travel the world with her family. So, she led her seminars all over the world, and decided to homeschool her five kids so we could travel with her. For most of my childhood, we spent spring and fall in Austin, TX, summers in Europe, and winters in Maui, Hawaii. 

We weren’t especially rich. We had great years as well as challenging ones. We simply chose to design our life that way, and set up the systems to make it possible. 

Buying Into the Myth of “Success”

For a long time, I didn’t know anything different. This was just my life – and I loved it! But there came a time in my teens when I actually started to resent our adventurous lifestyle. When I innocently talked about my life to other kids my age, they often made me feel like I was pretentious or bragging. 

So I shut down. I decided I didn’t want to be that “weird” homeschooled kid anymore. I just wanted to fit in. 

I stopped listening to my heart, and following the clues of what brought me alive. Instead, I listened to what society told me about what it takes to be “happy” and “successful.” Go to college. Get a good job. Get married. Have a family. 

(Sound familiar?)

This led me to study business in university – instead of something I was truly passionate about. My new goal was to get a “stable” corporate job after college, and leave my entrepreneurial roots in the past. 

Fortunately, life had other plans… 

Smiling on the Outside (Struggling on the Inside)

While I was in university, I worked hard, got straight A’s, partied multiple nights a week, and did a pretty good job “fitting in.” But instead of making me happier, I felt worse. 

By senior year, I graduated summa cum laude and won multiple awards on campus, but inside I was miserable. I’d gained 15 pounds, and felt totally out of touch with myself. 

I remember going on a couple of interviews for corporate jobs – sitting under the fluorescent lights answering the same questions again and again – and that’s when it happened. A whisper inside of me that I’d been ignoring started to get louder. 

It insisted, “There has to be more to life than this.” 

I couldn’t imagine spending the next 4 decades sitting at a desk, and climbing the corporate ladder. I remembered what it felt like to live a life of freedom – and I became determined to create this for myself. 

Finding My Way Back to Freedom

Six months later, I started my first business as an online marketing consultant and direct response copywriter. I had zero savings and about $60,000 in student loans at the time, but I was committed to doing whatever it took to be successful. I worked hard, and grew that business to six figures within 18 months. 

I felt like I’d “made it.” I’d created a great income and the freedom to travel and work from anywhere. I moved to San Diego, met amazing friends (who were as “weird” and into personal development as I was), and eventually met the love of my life – my now-husband, Sunny. Life kept getting better and better in every way.  

At the same time, I was struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, and various “mystery” health issues. The pressure of constant deadlines, and my tendency to take on more than I could handle, brought me to the brink of burnout on multiple occasions. 

Designing a Life of Aliveness

I tried to ignore these signs, and just be happy with what I had. I felt guilty for wanting anything more, when I had so much to be grateful for already. 

My heart was calling me to step into the work I was born to do – to follow in my mom’s footsteps and become a coach and trainer. But I was terrified to walk away from the business I’d worked so hard to build for the past six years. 

When it got to the point where I was having daily panic attacks, I knew something had to change. Deep down I sensed that if I stayed in the work that I was doing, my mental and physical health would continue to deteriorate. 

Financial freedom and location freedom weren’t enough. My soul craved fulfillment too. 

Fast-forward to today, and I run a multiple 6-figure coaching & training company, alongside my business partner and mentor Gigi Sage (who also happens to be my mom). I’m doing work that truly lights me up and brings me alive – and making a positive impact on the world. My health is better, I’m 10x happier, and I haven’t had a panic attack in well over a year!

I could write 10 more articles about what it took to get here. But for now, I’ll share a few of the key shifts that helped me create a life of freedom AND fulfillment – a life that truly brings me alive. 

  1. Forget the Myths. Write Your Own Story – Have you ever bought into the idea that you have to sacrifice your freedom, in order to have a family? Or that you have to choose between fulfillment, and financial success? Or that there’s only one path to happiness? I’m here to tell you these are myths. They simply aren’t true. You CAN create a life and career on your terms. My mom did it. I did it. Now it’s your turn!
  2. Don’t Quit Your “Day Job” – There’s this idea out there that you have to quit everything in order to start a business doing what you love. I believe that actually sets many people up for failure. That’s why, when I transitioned from my marketing business to coaching, I did it slowly. I continued taking on marketing work for the first 6-12 months as I built up an income in my new line of work. I always made sure to cover my bases, so I wasn’t in a desperate situation of not being able to pay my bills. If you’re dreaming of having your own business, or pivoting to something new, start it on the side! When it’s starting to make great money, you’ll be excited to make the leap.
  3. Follow Your Aliveness – Aliveness is the compass that points the way to your most extraordinary life. And just like every person is totally unique, what brings you alive will be unique to you. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” lifestyle that works for everyone. This should come as a relief, because it means you can stop looking around at what everyone else is doing! Instead, pay attention to what you’re doing when you feel the most alive, curious, and peaceful. These are clues that will point you in the right direction. 

Discovering What Brings YOU Alive

While these tips will give you a starting point, most of us have no idea what truly lights us up. Or maybe you have too many ideas, and you’re not sure which one to take action on! That’s where The Reflection Process comes in. It’s Step #1 in The Aliveness Method, and it begins with a trained coach asking you a series of questions designed to get to the core of what brings you alive – and then reflecting where we see you “light up” the most. You can use this information to get clarity about your next steps, and ensure the path you are taking is truly in alignment for you. 

If this is something you’re curious about, I’d love to offer you a FREE 30-minute Reflection Session. Email me at makena@followyouraliveness.com to claim your session. I look forward to connecting with you!

Events Consider Going Virtual, How People Really Feel About Meetings & More

What’s the Deadline for an Event to Go Virtual? Just 15 days ahead of its 2020 World Tour Sydney event in Australia that was expected to draw more …

Events Consider Going Virtual, How People Really Feel About Meetings & More

U.S. & Canada: So Close, Yet Their Hotel Occupancy Rates Are So Far Apart

Although year-over-year numbers are still horrific, hotels in the U.S. & Canada are slowly seeing more week-to-week occupancy, according to an …

U.S. & Canada: So Close, Yet Their Hotel Occupancy Rates Are So Far Apart

What You Need to Know Before Your Future Trip to New York City

New York City is simply one of the places that everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime. The history and diversity are more than enough to provide you with an unforgettable experience. However, those with families might be a little hesitant. The city can be hectic, and you’ll need to be prepared to navigate it, especially with children or a large number of people involved.


If you need a ride in New York City, a taxi cab is only a gesture away. However, if you’re planning on traveling with a large number of family members, you might not be able to fit them all into a cab or like the cost associated with them. A great alternative that has room enough for everyone and comes at an affordable price is the NYC subway. If you decide to take the subway, just be aware of common subway hazards in order to keep yourself and your family safe. This includes avoiding empty subway cars and making sure to study the maps thoroughly in order to avoid being separated.

Landmarks and Attractions

Don’t listen to the critics; if you’re a first-time visitor to New York, you must make it a point to visit all the touristy spots such as Times Square. In fact, these areas are great for kids since they offer a variety of activities for both younger and older family members. Note that because these areas are prone to have the most tourists, you might have to make reservations ahead of time. One of the most common ones that people fail to plan for is the ferry ride to Liberty Island. Tickets on those tours and boats go fast, so they should be purchased ahead of time.

Meals and Snacks

Walking around New York City all day can really build up an appetite. However, popular NYC restaurants can get a little crowded, especially during lunch and dinner. This becomes even more difficult when large families with children are involved. Luckily for you, NYC is host to a plethora of delicious street food. Grab a few meals from a food truck or a quick snack from the many corner food stands. In addition, NYC has tons of public areas where you can sit with the entire family. If you can’t find one, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Contrary to what you hear in movies or on television, the people of New York are actually quite nice.

New York City is a must-visit location. However, if you’re someone who has a family to take care of, this can be a little daunting. Though it requires some planning, it certainly isn’t impossible. Consider the suggestions offered here to see that everyone has a great vacation in New York City.

If you’re ready to plan your future vacation, let Lively Co Travel plan it for you! Contact us to get started.

The Inward Traveler: Coping in Quarantine

If you remember the lyrics to the hit song, ‘Virtual Insanity’ by Jamiroquai from way back in 1996, he describes (almost to a T) a global, atmospheric chaos much like the one we are currently feeling due to COVID-19. ‘Mental health’ has suddenly become the new buzz word, social distancing is the new norm, and our collective emotions have been stuck on roller coaster mode, leaving us all wondering when this crazy ride will finally come to an end.

For those who love to travel the world, we are now traveling without moving. We are lost without a compass, exploring the depths within ourselves to try and make sense of it all. Some are busy creating, starting new ventures and learning new skills while some of us are having trouble coping with the day to day and unable to fulfill the need to radiate inner perseverance. We understand all of this, and it’s ok to not want to channel your inner entrepreneur right now. You’re a human and you’re allowed to feel all the feels.

This post is for anyone who’s feeling inspired (or for anyone needing some inspiration) to help discover what self-care can provide during a time of isolation and uncertainty. It means different things to different people, so as travel planners and adventurers, we wanted to share some of our own favorite methods of self-care for when the far away places fall just outside the realm of possibility.

Remote Control

Now that much of the workforce is remote, it may seem like your home is no longer a place to relax after a long day. With this new dynamic, it’s not surprising that many of us are beginning to feel trapped within our own homes. Your sanctuary has become your place to eat, sleep, work, socialize with your immediate family or roommates almost 24/7 (unless you live alone), which can add another layer of stress. This is why it’s so important to make your home feel like it’s still your sanctuary. If you feel so inclined, spend some time and organize your closets, rearrange your furniture, or liven up your living room or home office with a fresh new paint color. Check out Marie Kondo’s recent article for some perspective on staying joyful at home during this time.

Find Your Tribe

Whatever your interests are, there’s a group out there just waiting for you. Since social distancing became a thing, we’re not able to get the kind of social interaction that many of us need to thrive. This is where finding a group of like minded people can prove to be worth its weight in gold. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, love to cook, or garden, there’s most likely an online group out there that already existed before quarantine or that someone has newly created. If your niche doesn’t have a group, why not start one of your own? Human connection is still so important, and it can be so uplifting to meet a new group of like minded humans that you can groove with. Check out our Lively Sisterhood Facebook group if you’re looking for some connections of the sisterly kind.

Let It Grow

Perhaps you’re already into gardening, or maybe you’ve never gotten the chance to start your own. Now that spring is here, it might be the time to start! There’s nothing more amazing than planting seeds in fresh soil and watching them transform into something beautiful. If you don’t have the backyard space to start an entire vegetable garden, you can still grow small veggies or herbs if you have some free patio space. Digging in the dirt is like free therapy, seeds are generally inexpensive, and caring for plants is something you can reap the benefits of in so many meaningful ways.

Write On

Considered by many to be a form of therapy, writing is a powerful way to get our thoughts and ideas flowing and down on paper. You don’t have to write a novel, but gratitude journaling can be a great way to relieve some stress when you’re bored or having a generally difficult day. Write down three (or more) things that you are grateful for daily, and they can be as simple as you wish. There are no wrong answers, and it can make you feel truly thankful for the good things you have going in your life.

Doggone Good

It may sound like a no brainer, but spending extra time snuggling with your pets can be richly rewarding during tough times. Dogs and cats are known to relieve stress and lower blood pressure, not to mention, just petting your fur babies feels amazing. If you don’t have a pet of your own, there are still many displaced animals in need of foster homes right now. This can be another great way to get some cuddle time with an animal who needs you just as much as you need them.

Walk it Out

One of the best ways to get away when you can’t venture too far out is to go for a neighborhood walk. Even if you can only do 15-20 minutes at the beginning or end of your day, it’s enough to get you out of the house and get your blood pumping. Sometimes it’s hard to get off the couch and get motivated, but once you do, nature can provide a great escape from the boredom and isolation many of us are feeling. You can even create mini challenges for yourself by adding on a few extra minutes each day, or try some jogging intervals if you’re able. You’ll get some extra energy as a bonus!

Give Back

If you are able to volunteer your skills and talents in this time of need, you can do a world of good by helping others. In times of stress, it’s not uncommon to feel so bogged down by our own thoughts and fears that we aren’t able to do much to help ourselves, much less someone else. Simply taking the time to reach out and reconnect with a loved one you haven’t spoken with in a while is just one example of how you can make an immediate impact.

What are some other ways that you’re taking time out for some much needed self-care? We’d love to hear from you!

At Lively Co. Travel, we’re here for you in times of darkness and in times of light, and we’ll be ready to help you once again discover your next great adventure.








3 Top Tips for Your First U.S. Road Trip

America truly has it all. From its three major mountain ranges to its forests, deserts, and coasts, you will never run out of sights on a road trip. The U.S. is also a huge country, crisscrossed by a multitude of roads and highways that may pose a challenge for the first-time traveler. Factor in different time zones, climates and local laws and a U.S. road trip might seem daunting. However, with a little advance planning, your American road trip can be a stress-free ride.

Watch When You Cross the State Line

Many laws differ from state to state. For example, across some areas of Texas, the speed limit is an astonishing 85 miles per hour, while out in California, a speed limit of 65 miles per hour is observed on roadways with two lanes. California, Oregon and Washington require hands-free phone use in contrast to Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska and Iowa, all of which allow the driver to hold his or her phone while driving. Texting behind the wheel is generally illegal, so plan to pull over to make that call. State laws are usually posted at the state boundary. Make sure to look for them.

Keeping an Eye Out

More than ever, today’s driver needs to be alert. Some states are notorious for unsafe and reckless driving. When on the road, drive defensively and expect the unexpected. Whether it’s a car weaving across the lane or a trucker merging into traffic too quickly, scan three car lengths ahead to anticipate such anomalies. Likewise, eliminate distractions and don’t multitask. Save snacking, texting and changing the music for the rest area. The most common causes of distracted driving may seem minor but can be major.

Research Your Itinerary

Naturally, while you want to preserve spontaneity, it pays to research where you will be driving. At a bare minimum, investigate local weather and temperature conditions for the time of year you plan to visit. Plan wisely for these conditions whether it’s by bringing snow chains or extra water. Moreover, read up on local traffic conditions. While a GPS can be useful for on-the-fly suggestions, don’t rely on one exclusively. By investigating local conditions ahead of time, you will have a better sense of the overall journey.

Traveling enables you to unplug from the routine. You can return home reinvigorated with plenty of stories to tell friends and family. This prize lies just outside your door. There is nothing like a road trip and no place to take one like America.

Do you know where you are going to sleep on your trip? Click here for the best hotels and resorts!

Lively Co. Travel: Behind the Brand


Get to Know Lively Co.

By definition, lively means active, animated and energetic. We’d like to share with you our unique story behind the brand that we call Lively Co. Travel. It began with our founder (Taylor) and is inspired by her baby sister, M. Like many 5-year-olds, M is always bursting with joyful, infectious energy and is forever looking for her next adventure. Just like M, we want our clients to feel that unique sense of joy and freedom that’s often associated with the thrill and passion of discovering a new travel destination.

Lively Co. Logo

Our logo was carefully chosen, which includes a looped cursive font to honor ‘Pawpaw,’ Taylor’s grandfather, who is left-handed and writes with beautiful penmanship. Cursive writing is also conjoined, which represents a bond and a sense of unity that keeps us all together. Our team is closely connected, and we want our clients to feel included, like they are a special part of our family. Finally, we chose the globe and airplane graphics to represent baby sister, M’s adventurous spirit and thirst for new experiences.

Think Pink

We wanted to incorporate the color pink into our branding to represent the women behind Lively Co. Travel: Taylor’s mother (who loves anything in pink), grandmother, and baby sister. We used a soft, muted pink, which also gives Lively Co. a slightly retro look and feel. We are indeed a LIVELY bunch, and we thought pink would give off a fun pop of color!

Personalized Service

If you’re looking for a carefully curated and unparalleled travel experience, you’ve reached your destination! Taylor brings her over 10 years of experience from the hospitality industry to help clients get the best deal within their unique needs and budget. She keeps her happy Lively Co. clients coming back time and time again because she knows the devil is in the details. She and the rest of our team will work tirelessly behind the scenes to create an unforgettable travel experience for you and your guests.

Whether you want to snorkel with the fish in Hawaii, explore the ancient ruins of Greece, or set sail on a romantic Caribbean cruise, Lively Co. Travel will take you there.




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